Tuesday, April 04, 2006



Happy Birthday! Tonight you'll die -
Tomorrow tells the truth of how we live a lie.
Warned by yesterday, but will we heed?
Or will we fulfill some fatalistic prophecy?

Sometimes you are a falling star,
sometimes you're just a smashed up car -
Destiny, got such a hold on me
lets me be, what I don't wanna be!

Do you choose the way you are?
Can you even say you are,
of the free?
to choose your destiny
of the free?
and do you want to be?

Give it up! Give it up! Give it up! Give up the lie!
Is it all so hopeless? Have you really tried?
I AM ALIVE! I wanna be....
Free of self-imposed inauthenticity.

I can change my destiny - I can change your destiny -
at the altar...

Destiny, what do you want from me?

Originally released on the HEHO album (1984)
re-released on CD re-issue compilation Songs of Reverie and Ruin (1996)

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