Monday, April 03, 2006


Discography of Ruin

Everything is out of print.
Maybe buried in the bins of independent record shops
or for auction on ebay.

1982 - Terminal! Magazine soundsheet

Side One
1. Phenomenal Expression
2. Twilight [version one]

Terminal Magazine soundsheet 1982 / Ruin

1983 - Get Off My Back - We're Doing It Ourselves - Philly Hardcore Compilation

Side Two:

1. Proof [version one]
2. Love Dog

1984 - HE-HO album (Produced by Bob Bell)

Side I

Freedom Has No Bounds
Baby Doll

Side II

Master Song (written by Leonard Cohen)
Where Fortune
Play With Fire
(altered original written by Jagger/Richards)
Twilight [version two]
Proof [version two]
Rule Worshipper

1985 -That Was Then This Is Now! 4 song 7" compilation
(engineered, co-produced by Marc Bryan)

Side One

1. By the By

1985 - White Rabbit promotional cassette single
(Engineered by Dan McKay and Marc Bryan)

White Rabbit (altered orginal written by Jefferson Airplane)

1986 - Fiat Lux album (Produced and Engineered by Mark Springer)

this side

Make Believe
Famous Blue Raincoat
(written by Leonard Cohen)
Life After Life
[version three]

that side

White Rabbit
Great Divide
Real Good Time

1996 - Songs of Reverie and Ruin
Blackhole CD re-issue compilation of selections
from recording sessions of previous releases.
(remastered by Jon Lovrich)

Tracks 01 to 10 from "HE-HO"
Tracks 17 to 26 from "Fiat Lux"
Tracks 12 & 14 from "Get Off My Back ...Philly HC Comp"
Tracks 11 & 13 from "Terminal! soundsheet"
Track 15 from "That Was Then ... 7" ep"
Track 16 from "Promotional Cassette Single"

01 Alter
02 Dionysian
03 Freedom Has No Bounds
04 Baby Doll
05 He-Ho/Laudium
06 Alarm
07 Master Song
08 Where Fortune
09 Play With Fire
10 Rule Worshipper
11 Twilight
12 Proof
13 Phenomenal Expression
14 Love Dog
15 By The By
16 White Rabbit(Promotional Cassette single version)
17 You
18 Make Believe
19 Hero
20 Famous Blue Raincoat
21 Life After Life
22 China
23 Taster
24 Ruin
25 Great Divide
26 Real Good Time

07 "Master Song" & 20 "Famous Blue Raincoat" written by Leonard Cohen
09 "Play With Fire" written by Jagger/Richards (ruined)
16 "White Rabbit" written by Jefferson Airplane (ruined)
19 "Hero" covered by Superchunk - 1996 - The Laughter Guns ep cd
25 "Great Divide" covered by Northern Liberties - 2006 - Secret Revolution

1997 - Carbon 14 Magazine - Legends of Philly Punk 4 song 7" ep
(remixed by Jon Lovrich 1996)


a few mp3 selections to stream or download:

Thanks to Ruin's Bloody Rich for helping me to compile this.

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