Saturday, April 01, 2006


He Ho / Laudium

He Ho the world's on fire!

He Ho the world's on fire!
Don't you know the world's aflame?!

They eat worlds, spy vengeance in a bush.

They think they are the ones that matter.
All, All and All, the dry worlds lever.
All, All and All, the desert heart's pumping.

Don't participate or understand the isolation.
Say it's just a form of social reaction.
Don't look right at the space between the cracks.
Concentrate on something that doesn't really matter.

They plea being, what being is there?
They plea being, but being is there?
They plea being, what being is there?
They plea being, but becoming persists!

Have you seen the moon and the naked days?
Do you think the world might fall apart?
Ready, Ready for what? and doing it all for who?

Be-e-e-e o! Be-e-e-e o!
Now you face the night alone
Now you face the night alone

Be-e-e-e o! Be-e-e-e o!
in a mirror I watch alone
so alone

Originally released on the HEHO album (1984)
re-released on the CD re-issue compilation Songs of Reverie and Ruin (1996)

Before I joined the band as frontman,"Vosco", the lyrics to Ruin's songs were penned by Glenn Wallis.

They were closer to poems than lyrics and were quite a challenge to sing initially. I felt their structure seemed incongruent to the music.

Adding to the challenge was my understanding of the words. Since they aren't the kind of lyrics that spell it out for you, I attached my own understanding.

I sang the He Ho chant in irony, for example, imagining the disney dwarves as nazis chanting while working their evil machinations, happy that the world was on fire.

I was also reminded of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the trio are staking out the wicked witch's castle, remember those guards? What were they singing?

Whenever I asked Glenn about the content or meaning of his lyrics, he put the fog on me whereupon I'd become satisfied without an answer.

Even years later he fogged me but added, "..ah it must've been something I drew from my coursework."

Just today I learned this about "Laudium."

Maybe I'm under the influence of or, but I'm starting to see the lyrics make reference to what's going on with the so-called "war on terror."

For example,
"They plea being, what being is there?" points to "Where are the weapons of mass destruction Iraq was supposed to have?

Over the years, I'd make stretches like this when trying to comprehend the lyrics in order to sing them with conviction.

Hell, sometimes I'd rationalize that the words were actually charms and unimportant meaning wise. This was because the words were primarily acting to serve as vehicles conveying a deeper meaning drawn from the force of five guys performing a shamanic ritual.
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